executing a correct shooting motion 

How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly? A Step-By-Step Guide

Seeking a concise direction on how to shoot a basketball perfectly to save your reading time? Easy peasy! Click on this post and you are good to go.

How to shoot a basketball perfectly? It is an easy question to resolve but requires player’s proper techniques and day-to-night practice. To become a basketball shooter at a world-class level, you will inevitably commence from the basic steps. Hence, our paper is available to serve you. Keep scrolling to the end of the article and you will know what to do. 

How To Shoot a Basketball Perfectly? – A Simple Instruction

1. Setting  a Proper Shooting Form

  • A player should learn and foster a correct stance technique from the beginning. Because your legs play a prominent role as a spring that converts power to your arms. Before executing a shoot, your legs and feet, therefore, open equally to the shoulder width. In this position, the force optimally transmitted to your shot will not involve much of the arms’ impact. 
  • The basketball professionals highly recommend you relocate your dominant feet a bit forward whilst keeping the stance at the shoulder.
  • Then, so as to liberate energy from your “spring” as much as possible, get into the habit of keeping your knees slightly bent. By this setup, you are able to jump and shoot whenever you receive the ball. You will also move faster and stay balanced better when compared to standing straight.

Keep these three points in mind, and practice the stance diligently at home or in the court while warming up. Gradually, you will get used to it and your body easily assumes the stance whenever you play. 

how to stand in basketball

Proper Shooting Form

2. Positioning a Right Shooting

The correct position will simplify your shoot and increase the possibilities of the ball going in. So follow the guide below for more straightforward shot attempts

  • Be aware of the location of the “shooting pocket”. This pocket usually lies a few inches right on the waist. Determining the “sweet spot” will exert more flexibility on your maneuvering from grabbing the ball to shooting.
  • Set your elbow beneath the ball. Another position supposed to be comfortable is to locate the elbow on the side. However, in this position, your shot will be less effective. Hence, getting accustomed to the recommended one can markedly improve the shooting result.
  •  Train hard so that you can shoot the ball perfectly.
basketball shot pocket

basketball shot pocket

Mastering this skill will baffle your opponents’ attention to the ball held by you indeed.

3. Gripping a Basketball Properly

  • Positioning your shooting hand vertically against the seams of the ball, which are parallel to your fingertips. Once done, you can monitor the backspin of the ball easily. 
  • Your fingers extend over the ball. By doing so, you can stabilize the ball even with one hand.
  • Along with the non-dominant hand placed on the side of the ball, the straight elbow of your dominant hand will direct your ball correctly. 
  • Remember to let the ball rest on your finger pads when you happen to shoot. And leave the ball high off the palm at one-inch height. 
basketball hand placement

basketball hand placement

4. Executing a Correct Shooting Motion 

  • Shift the ball from your shooting pocket to the shooting position smoothly by bending your forearms to the height equal to the shoulder. Simultaneously, lift your arms to eye level on the condition that the ball is not too high off the head, and not far from the back of your head or on the side. 
executing a correct shooting motion 

Executing a correct shooting motion

  • Exert enough force to jump, and it is necessary to straighten your knees. Land on the first standing position after jumping. 
  • On jumping, the shooting hand will apply force to release the ball while your elbows and wrist need snapping forward. Remember that your non-dominant hand will release the ball first.
  • To have the ball travel in an arc instead of a straight line, your wrist needs to be loose somehow. 

5. Empowering Your Shot with Accuracy

The power to shoot a basketball comes primarily from your legs, and it should be an upward force. If you keep the power “tank” across the upper body, the flight of your shot will be fickle and capricious.  Rather than doing so, use the power source from your legs to shoot the ball, and release it while going up. 

6. Aligning the Shooting

Line up your arm with the target, and position your elbow as closely as 90 degrees as you can. With support from an open stance,  you will experience freer motion when shooting the ball. It also helps you be in alignment with the target. 

basketball wrist wrinkle

Basketball wrist wrinkle

7. Build Up Balance and Follow-through

The more balanced you are, the more shots you gain. Go slightly forward if you need momentum. In addition to the importance of keeping balance while shooting the ball, follow-through also dramatically impacts the ball’s direction to the ring. Make sure to loosen your wrists and hang your fingers naturally. Keep this follow-through until the ball goes through the rim.  

basketball hand flick

Basketball hand flick

Key Tips to Remember When Shooting 

  • Check whether your elbow is pointing directly at the ring.
  • Keep balanced and do not lean back on your shot.
  • Make sure your shot travels in an arc.
  • Execute every shot with the same form.
  • Leave your follow-through on a few-second count until the ball goes in the ring. 
  • Videotape your training day to check if you apply proper techniques or not. 


What is the reason you can not shoot a basketball straight?

Your arms need to stay straight so that you can shoot a basketball straight. You also have to practice this skill repeatedly to teach the body to get familiar with the same position while playing. 

Can’t make a shot?

If you keep pushing yourself, you will not gain 3 pointers. Instead, breathe deeply and set up a right-shooting form before executing a shot. A key factor helping you make the basket is training hard.

Which way do I shoot a basketball and repeat it every time?

Practicing every day is the most crucial determination of your success in making a shot every time. Your muscles get activated daily, therefore, they are progressively adaptable to the learned skills. 


Complete instruction on how to shoot a basketball perfectly is ready for you to scrutinize before putting it into practice. Hopefully, our paper has provided straight-to-the-point material so that you can easily apply the fundamentals of shooting a ball. 

Freely share with us your experiences when playing by commenting in the box below. We wish you the best time practicing every shot.

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