shoot a basketball better for beginners

How To Shoot A Basketball Better – A Guide For Basketball’s Beginners

Basketball can be challenging for beginners, but it won’t be difficult if you know ten ways on how to shoot a basketball better! Let’s find out what they are!

In any basketball game, winning can only be achieved thanks to successful shooting. For that reason, shooting becomes an undeniable standard to rate a basketball player’s level. 

If you are a beginner in basketball, it is vital for you to master shooting as soon as possible, as this skill will benefit you a lot in the future. Here are ten ways on how to shoot a basketball better! 

Continue reading this article to find out more informative hints.

10 ways on how to shoot a basketball better for beginners 

Shooting can be demonstrated as a machine-like action that gets you precious points in any basketball game. To learn how to shoot, a player must prepare himself to know the right technique on how to shoot a basketball.  

Here are ten ways for you, my fellow basketball beginner, to train your shooting skills alone or with your basketball mates. Either way, you can still develop not only your shooting skill but also your basketball playing strategy. Check them out!

shoot a basketball better for beginners

Learn the proper form of basketball shooting

Before you start shooting baskets without any glue on how to do it right, check out these steps to understand the correct way to shoot and how to handle the ball precisely for great basket shootings:

Develop a standard basketball playing gesture

From the beginning, you should develop a good basketball playing gesture: stand with your legs’ the width of your shoulders. 

Utilize your arms and legs for shooting a basketball

As you shoot, it involves a lot of muscle work in the legs. For that reason, the legs must always be spring-like for the arms to shoot in the basket. The position where your legs spread out shoulder-wide will balance and energize you to do multiple shootings without hurting the arms. 

In order to turn your legs into springs, the knees must bend down to ensure that it has enough force suppressed to release enough energy for you to shoot. 

Benefits of the right basketball playing gesture

Think of this action as a squat, and you can turn it into a healthy habit not only for shooting but also for jumping and running in the basketball game. 

Bending your knees will also benefit your running speed along with a more stable balance. And not to mention the fact that this action, rather than standing straight, can lessen the risk of getting ligament rupture or knee injuries. 

These activities are made to assist shooters with building up a more accessible habit to shoot the ball. Every player needs to take time to study, understand, and practice their shooting style to know the best training method. 

When a basketball player is ready to shoot in this position, they are forced to be aware of the ball despite where they are or where the ball is coming from. The best way to have the proper shooting position is to practice it while heating up to let your body become accustomed to it. 

Learn the Right Shooting Position

Once you are familiar with the shooting position and posture, it’s time to get hands-on with the ball. However, do not hesitate to throw the ball whenever you have it. The shooting process will become easier once you learn the right shooting position. Not only will you shoot more effortlessly, but also you will receive more points in the game. Here are the detailed instructions on the ball’s correct position:

  • Know where the “shooting pocket” area is. This position is typically located around the player’s waist. Knowing where this spot is will be an advantage whenever you receive or pass the ball in basketball games. 
  • In the middle of your shooting, ensure that your elbow always remains under the ball rather than the sides. Becoming familiar with putting the ball under your elbow can fundamentally alter your shot’s direction and power. 
  • Once you are familiar with holding the ball to shoot, you should pay attention to the shooting pocket as learning how to handle the ball in this area might be generally valuable. You can practice the “triple danger” position (where you can undoubtedly pass, spill, or shoot the ball) to enhance your basketball skill and confuse the opponents. 

Shot Grip Basketball properly.

When the ball is securely placed in your shooting pocket, it’s ideal for situating it for shooting. In this position, however, the manner in which you hold the ball could have any effect on the result of your shot endeavor. 

  • Ensure to hold the ball vertically against your hands with your finger corresponding to it. This action is for you to screen and control the ball’s reverse-pivot once you discharge it. 
  • If you want to hold the bold firmly in your hands, use your fingertips instead of a whole hand. You will find keeping the ball in one hand comfortable when you have the ball on your fingertips. 
  • Your non-prevailing hand ought to be put on the ball. The combination between your hands and your elbows will help you control the ball better for more accurate shots. 
  • Let the ball stay on your finger pads before the moment of your shoot. There must be some space between your palm and the ball, which can be practiced by adding an extra object in between, such as a pen, to generate the habit of forming your shooting position. 

Basketball Shooting Motion

Here’s what you should do while making a shooting motion:

  • Bend your arm towards the shoulder and raise your arms to eye level with the ball above your hand to switch the ball from the shooting pocket to the shooting position. 
  • Prepare to jump with your knees bent and Straighten. To ensure your safety, try to land where you jump in the first place. 
  • After your jump, apply force on the arms to prepare for shooting. Release the ball with your non-dominant hand first, then the dominant one. A loose and relaxed wrist will make your shooting much more powerful.

Shoot a Basketball With Power And Accuracy

When you shoot the basket, you receive the power from your body, specifically your arms and legs’, in the form of a driving force to shoot. Contrary to what people might think, a great shooter does not rely on the upper body as it is not the primary source to generate power. 

Instead, with the right amount of energy gathered from your arms and legs, the shots will fly high once you release it. Once you are familiar with how to gain the power to shoot, it will be easier for you to achieve accuracy in shooting. 

Maintain Balance and Follow-through

When it comes to powerful and successful shooting, balance is the crucial factor in differentiating shooters. The more balanced you become, the more stable the shoots will be. Remember to straight up your back, not lean backward or toward when you shoot. Otherwise, you will accidentally create a momentum that can drive you to be unbalanced. 

Balance can also be practiced and achieved by follow-through. The arms are connected directly to the ball, so to maintain and upgrade your balance, before every shoot, take a moment and point at the basket, so you will know which way to go. This method will automatically balance you while you run to the basket and do the shoot. 

Practice Muscle Memory Shooting

Muscle memory shooting is a great way to shoot a basketball better. This term can be explained as: the more frequently you do one action, the more recognized and familiar your muscle becomes.

If you used to learn how to ride a bike or learn to play an instrument, muscle memory must have been one factor that helped you achieve your goal.

Similarly to shooting a basketball, the more you shoot, the more your body becomes acquainted. All you have to do is repeatedly shoot long enough for your muscles to remember the action and concentrate on your shooting structure. To keep you from tiring, ask a friend to assist your training by collecting your ball. 

Practice Backboard Accuracy Drill

This exercise requires a ball and an in-ground b-ball band. Practicing blackboard accuracy drills requires you to play with one hand only to shoot the ball off the backboard. At the point when you’re doing this, you’re searching for the ball to return directly to you. 

 This is an excellent drill as the main route for the ball to return straight, is for you to hit the SB straight on. Continue until you make the ball travel straightly. You can rehearse this as long as you need to improve your muscles’  strength for more powerful and accurate shooting in the future.

Practice Lying Back Shooting (Lazy Drill)

Practice Lying Back Shooting

If you are bored of lying down watching TV all day, it’s good to combine shooting practice into your lying routine. All you have to do is lie down on your sofa or your bed and toss the ball up with one hand to make your arm strangers and allow you to focus on your shooting form. 

Practicing Basketball Lay-Up Drills

Unlike other long-range shots we have mentioned in this article, basketball lay-up drills is a lighter assignment for beginners to master this sport. However, this kind of practice still has its advantages. We will show you some tips on how to play a lay-out:

  • Playing a lay-up requires you to be familiar with hitting the backboard beforehand. If you are not there yet, take time to practice with the backboard before playing lay-up. 
  • In the event that you’ve never done a lay-up, try to rehearse without a ball initially and become familiar with the correct footwork before attempting to make the lay-up. 
  • Utilizing both of your hands while doing lay-up is a great way to upgrade your skills as well.

The final thoughts

And that are ten ways on how to shoot a basketball better. After reading this informative article, we hope that our fellow basketball beginners can find suitable methods to practice their shooting skills.

Undoubtedly, shooting is fundamental in any basketball game, and it will be a waste if a great basketball player is not a great shooter. Get your shoes, your ball on hand, and get to the field to practice shooting right now! Happy doing basketball shoots, and we will see you again in the next basketball article!


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