Best Tips For Palming A Basketball – How To Palm A Basketball

Are you new at palming a basketball? We’ll share with you the best tips to do that trick in this article! Read it and start practicing our tips right now!

If you often watch NBA matches, you may see some professional players palming a basketball with just one hand. With this special technique, they can perform many other advanced tricks such as fake pass, crossover, palming turnover basketball, slam dunk, etc. So, is palming a basketball hard?

In our opinion, palming the basketball is not difficult to do. Even a beginner like you can do that technique! All you need is just some straightforward guidelines to follow! Of course, the instruction you’re looking for lies in this article! So, slide down to see!


Requirements for palming a basketball

How to palm a basketball

What is palming a basketball requirement? Probably, that is your very first question, right? Alright! We will explain to you the top 3 most important factors. If you already have all of them, then you are ready to do palming basketball exercises.

Hand Size.

The truth is, palming a basketball with small hands is more difficult than with big hands because the player with big hands will be able to give more grip to the ball. 

Typically, the hand size must be at least 7.5 inches in length and 8,25 inches in span to be comfortable while gripping the ball. However, this does not mean that smaller hands people will do a palming basketball violation. With enough practice, anyone could do the work without a problem.

Ball Types.

Each type of ball provides a different amount of grip. For example, the ball that is made of rubber will have the highest grip level. If you are a starter who has just completely learned all palming basketball definitions, you can begin exercising with this rubber type. 

On the other hand, if you are able to control your palming and are about to practice higher skills, you should use a genuine leather ball (palming basketball NBA type). This ball both has better grip and is easier to control at high speed.

Hand Strength.

Because the ball is very heavy, so without hand strength, you will not be able to palm the basketball for a long time. Therefore, before practicing the technique, make sure that you have strengthened your pinch grip. 

Three tips in palming a basketball.

Now you know the requirement for palming in basketball. We will then show you our three best tips for palming a basketball. Check them out right now!

Fingers Positioning on the Basketball.

The first key on how to get better at palming a basketball is finger positioning. If you place your fingers in the right place, you will be able to hold the ball tightly. As a result, the ball will not slide out of your hand.

With rubber ball

In detail, you should put your thumb on the middle groove of the ball. And then, leave the other fingers on the line above the thumb groove. In case you can not place your four fingers to the line because they are too small, you can try reaching them to the nearest area to it. 

Here are palming basketball pics of how to do finger positioning:


With leather ball

Hold the Basketball with the Fingertips.

Remember one thing that the ball would not stay in your palm if you don’t put pressure on it. In fact, the best way to make force on the ball is to use your fingertips.

To do this trick, you must first place your fingers to the right positions that we have discussed above. And then, you will press on the ball surface with those fingers. Really easy, right?

Use fingertips to press the ball

Practice the Palming Many Times.

Those two tips above are just the basic things on how to practice palming a basketball. You should train yourself many times more until you feel you are gripping the ball by instinct. In other words, when you feel comfortable while palming the ball, your training is finished.

When you are able to hold the ball with one hand, you can take advantage of this technique to do many more high-level skills. 

Of course, some new players may ask: “Is palming a violation in basketball competition?”. Our answer is no! If you watch NBA games, you will see many professional players taking benefits of palming a basketball to make other challenging moves such as crossover, behind the back, no-look pass, etc.


Five ways to strengthen your pinch grip?

Congratulations! You have known the basic technique. The next thing to do is learn how to improve palming a basketball. As mentioned above, hand strength is very important to do the technique for a long period. Therefore, we will give you some exercises for palming a basketball strongly. Keep scrolling down to see!

Fingertip Pushups.

This exercise will help you to increase the power of your fingertips. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is make some pushups as usual. But instead of letting your palm touch the ground, you should only use fingertips.

Horizontal Basketball Palming.

Hold the basketball horizontally with your palm above it. Then try keeping it in your hand as long as possible. While doing this, you will feel very tired at the forearm. But do not give up! After a time of practicing, your hand will be really powerful!

Training with a Climbing Wall.

Just like some parkour trainers, you should climb a wall or rocks to increase your hand strength. This activity will help improve the muscle in your hand and fingers to be sharper and stronger. As a result, you will not feel tired while gripping a heavy ball for a long time.


That is how to work on palming a basketball! Just practice palming following our guidance, and you will be able to do the work with ease! In addition, do not forget to strengthen your pinch grip as well! With a powerful hand, you can hold the ball as long as you desire. Probably, you may make a new world record for palming a basketball!

And now, we will have to say goodbye. Many thanks for reading! We hope that you enjoy palming a basketball!


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