Best Portable Basketball Hoops For Driveway

Best Portable Basketball Hoops 2020 Reviews For Driveway: Our Top Picks

You can encourage kids, with the best portable basketball hoops, to start playing basketball at home while they have fun and be healthy at the same time!

More and more parents have searched for the best portable basketball hoops recently because they want kids to practice basketball at home rather than be a couch potato in front of the television.

In fact, playing basketball is proved to have tons of advantages for kids from weight control, physical fitness, stress relief, as well as social skills and coordination skills. In other words, having a hoop in your backyard will not only encourage young children to do more exercise, but it also contributes to their active life later.

The whole family can also organize basketball matches at the weekend as a family leisure activity rather than kids. We bet that the basketball hoop will soon become a cherished part of you all.

Good as it is, choosing the best portable basketball hoops is not easy work, especially when there are many hoops available on the market. Fortunately, here we help by introducing the best portable adjustable basketball hoops and a complete buying guide.

Product ImageProduct NamesEditor’s RatingPrice
Lifetime 32" Youth Portable Basketball Hoop4.9
Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44" Polyethylene Backboard4.9
Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard4.9
MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal Basketball System4.8
Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54" Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System4.8
Lifetime Portable Basketball System, 44" Polycarbonate Backboard4.8
Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System, 60" Acrylic Backboard4.7
Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard Portable Basketball System4.7
Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop, Adjustable Height Tempered Glass Backboard4.6
Spalding unisex-adult NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System - 60" Acrylic Backboard, Black4.6

Best Portable Basketball Hoops 2020: A List of 10 Reviews

Best for Small Kid: Lifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 90022 32″ Youth Hoop is small enough for 4 or 5 years old to start their first basketball lessons. Moreover, the adjustable-height between 5.5 and 7 feet makes it possible to use the hoop for kids one or two years more.


  • Durable polycarbonate backboard
  • Sturdy three-piece steel pole
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Weather-resistant features
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Budget-friendly hoop



  • Only for kids of 4 to 7 years
  • Ideal for recreation
  • Not for advanced skills like dunking or overhang

A rule of thumb, the smaller the backboard is, the more likely the hoop is to tip over. Thus, many consumers wonder whether the 32-inch board is safe enough. We then confirm that the Lifetime 90022 32″ Youth Hoop is exceptionally stable thanks to the massive and sturdy polycarbonate backboard. The base capacity is around 10 gallons of water or sand, meaning it will stay in place while kids are playing. Meanwhile, the 3-piece steel pole will add extra sturdy for the whole hoop. However, we still warm kids against hanging on the rim, for their safety.

We also like the fact that this hoop is built to last under any weather conditions because all parts are coated to be weatherproof and UV-resistant. For that reason, you can place the Lifetime 90022 in your backyard from months to months.

In drawback, the hoop will shake after every shoot. It makes sense because the Lifetime 32″ Youth Hoop is for kids who play basketball for fun rather than practice advanced skills.

Bottom line:

Because the hoop is an affordable youth portable hoop with durable construction and even a 5-year warranty, you will agree with us that the Lifetime 90022 is a worthy hoop for your kids to start.

Best for The Whole Family: Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Hoop, 44 Inches

If your kids used to use the Lifetime hoops before – say, the Lifetime 90022, they will want to continue with this brand. Then, if kids are growing out of the 32-inch hoop, you might bring them to the Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Basketball Hoop, which is taller. Even more, your whole family can use it besides the children.


  • Also sturdy and durable construction
  • Standard adjustable height range of 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Three-piece weatherproof steel pole
  • Easy to assemble with moveable wheels


  • Not for serious players
  • Small filter holes

Like other Lifetime basketball hoops, the 90040 Adjustable Hoop is made of quality parts, such as the powder-coated sturdy poles, steel rim, polyethylene backboard, and 27-gallon stable base. Once you install this hoop in your house, you will find it durable without the sign of deterioration even after years.

Interestingly enough, the standard board sizes of 44 inches, along with the adjustable height within 7.5 to 10 feet, means that the hoop is for all family members to play with – from the 5-year-old kids to the father. Just a single screw, and you can adjust the height to your preference.

A small note is that the Lifetime 90040 is also not ideal for serious players because the polyethylene backboard rocks and vibrates when you shoot it. It is understandable for an affordable family basketball hoop.

Bottom line:

All in all, this is the best portable basketball hoop for the home of people of different ages who want to play basketball for recreation and share happy experiences.

Best Affordable Full-size Hoop: Lifetime 1221, 44 Inches

If you look for an adjustable full-sized hoop for your family, then the Lifetime 1221 is an alternative for the Lifetime 90040 that is a bit cheaper. So, what are the differences to expect from Lifetime 1221?


  • More affordable
  • More compact and portable
  • Still user-friendly in terms of assembly
  • Adjustable height using the telescoping mechanism


  • Less durable than the Lifetime 90040
  • Not for long-distance shots

Generally, the Lifetime 1221 has almost all the features as the previous hoop of the Lifetime. It means the unit is also completed with portable and durable parts, including slam rim, rust-resistant pole, spring back, and reliable base. Moreover, the height is adjustable in a standard NBA range from 7.5 to 10 inches.

The most significant difference from the 90040 is the dimensions. Although the two’s backboard has the same horizontal size – 44 inches, 1221 is smaller in other parts. You will find the hoop to be more compact and portable. Meanwhile, there is hardly extra room on the backboard’s sizes for touch shots or layups. The smaller size also means 1221 is less sturdy and durable. Moreover, the smaller rim makes it less ideal for long-distance shots.

Bottom line:

Although Lifetime 1221 is not the best hoop, it is still a great deal for the price when it comes to a branded basketball hoop for the whole family.

Best under $200: MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop

We bring you to an ideal choice for those looking for the best portable basketball hoops under $200, called MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop.


  • Sturdy parts from base to the backboard
  • Large, but portable base thanks to the wheels
  • Improved steel pole to support the whole unit
  • Wide range when it comes to the height adjustment
  • Black coverage which is not rusting or fade over time


  • Short warranty period
  • Lack of advanced adjustment mechanism

At a glance, the MaxKare hoop gives off a feeling of sturdy stability. In fact, it is truly good in terms of build.

Besides the heavy-duty polycarbonate backboard as other hoops above, we appreciate that the steel poles are thick and supportive of the whole unit. In addition, the base is large and solid enough to contain 21 gallons of sand or water – a bit fewer than those Lifetime holes, but it still does not compromise the stability. There are also moveable wheels available under the base to move the hoop here and there with ease.

Height adjustment is another improvement. While other hoops only allow adjusting the hoop between 7.5 to 10 feet, the MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop gives extra convenience to change the height between 7 to 10 feet with two telescopic knobs and an inner tube. As a result, the height adjustment is less tricky.

Besides the positive features as above, we find the warranty is a bit short – only 24 months. Although the quality of MaxKare is reliable, longer backup time is still expected.

Bottom line

With nearly $200, you can expect a more sturdy and user-friendly portable hoop like the MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop.

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Best under $300: Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA, 54 Inches

It would be a significant lack without mentioning the Spalding hoops on the list. This brand is well-known as the leading company in the industry for manufacturing hoops meeting the standard of NBA hoops. Take the Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54 Inches, for example.


  • Larger backboard for more layups and bank shots
  • Extremely stable construction while standing
  • Cheaper when considering all features and build quality
  • Compliant with NBA standards


  • A bit difficult in setting up
  • Not for dunking

This is among the best portable basketball hoops under $300 that come with advanced features compared to cheaper hoops of Lifetime or MaxKare.

The size of the backboard is one to discuss. That of Spalding Pro Slam is 54 inches. At that rate, you will be more likely to get successful bank shots and layups. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate backboard will cut down the whole unit’s cost while you can still get a decent playing experience. Another about the backboard that we like is the thick steel frame with few NBA graphics around the board. It gives off a sleek and professional look to the hook.

Together with it, the angled pole and weighted 34-gallon large base will add more stability for your safety. These parts are heavier and more challenging to install, though. Fortunately, there are two wheels to help you move the unit around. However, borrow a helping hand from others when you move it because the angled design makes the pole easily fall over during transportation.

Good as the hoop is, we are still not satisfied with the breakaway rim. It should only present on affordable models rather than one under $300 like the Spalding Pro Slam. You cannot perform flying dunks frequently, or the spring will get sag easily with those springs.

Bottom line

To sum, the Spalding Pro Slam is for middle-level players who want to practice with a cost-effective quality hoop.

Best-rated: Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball System

Truly told, we cannot get enough of Lifetime basketball hoops. And other consumers cannot, either. Of all Lifetime hoops, the Lifetime 1269 is the best rated portable basketball hoop.


  • Shatterproof backboard and springless rim
  • Enhanced large base to improve stability
  • Medium-priced hoop
  • Easy-to-assemble construction with portable wheels


  • Small sides than expected
  • No snap back on the springless rim

In brief, the Lifetime 1269 has all preferred features of the Lifetime hoops like the adjustable height within the standard range, weatherproof construction, and weighed 27-gallon base, etc. All those parts guarantee reliable stability and durability of the hoops.

However, the most outstanding feature of the Lifetime 1269 is the improved rim and backboard to reduce the bouncy experience.

To be exact, the springless rim is much firmer and more responsive when you shoot the ball. You will hardly find such springless rim in affordable portable hoops. Thus, it is a good deal to keep in mind.

Plus, the backboard is improved with the shatterproof fusion. Accordingly, there is a polyethylene frame around the frame and also an additional two channels behind. As a result, you can expect the backboard to provide a solid rebound upon a bank shot. Not only does the board improve in performance, but you will also be happier, knowing that it will not rust over time. Even better, there are exciting graphics on the backboard printed with UV-protected inks to stay vivid and pro for a very long time.

Although the Lifetime 1269 is surprisingly beyond adequate at its price, we still want the hoop to be improved a bit, saying the sides are small, and there is no snap back on its rim.

Bottom line

Still, the Lifetime 1269 is suitable for those who want an improved basketball experience rather than play it for fun. The low price and advanced features make the hoop widely preferred.

Best for All-age Players: Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard

If your kids take basketball seriously, it makes sense to invest in high-end hoops like this Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard. With the same size in the backboard, this hoop is five times as much as the Spalding Pro Slam. Know why it costs that much?


  • Extremely sturdy at the look and in reality
  • Easy to move despite the high-capacity base
  • Accurate height adjustment to 1-inch increments
  • Less bouncy glass backboard and heavy-duty rim


  • Expensive hoop
  • Possible wiggle support pole
  • Time-consuming assembly

Relatively speaking, once you play with a 54-inch tempered-glass backboard, you will not want to go back to the polycarbonate board any longer. Simply, the rebound ability of the glass material is way better in performance. However, please take note that the glass is often expensive, while it is not as durable as polycarbonate.

Next, the 3-piece support pole is not typical when it comes to Spalding hoops. It makes the unit wiggle a bit upon a strong hit, but it is helpful when it comes to height adjustment. Ideally, you can change the height from 7.5 to 10 ft in a 1-inch increment rather than 6-inch increments as usual. Thanks to this, you can set up the hoop to your kids’ preferences and increase it gradually when kids grow up.

The base is another major to praise. Its capacity is up to 40 gallons, so no worry if the players are weighty and strong. The hoop will still stand firm as long as you and your kids do not dunk. Also, you will find transportation much easier thanks to the portable wheels. You can move it all by yourself, surprisingly.

Nonetheless, have someone help with the assembly process because it is far from straightforward. It can even take about 2 or 4 hours to get the hoop ready to play.

Bottom line

A combination of a broad base, functional backboard, and accurate adjustable design makes the Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard ideal for players of all ages and weights.

Best for Dunking: Spalding E68562 NBA Portable Basketball System

Keep exploring the best portable basketball hoops provided by Spalding. This time, it is Spalding E68562 – an upgraded version of the Spalding Pro Slam.


  • Extremely solid and stable in all sorts of situations
  • Larger and more rebounding acrylic board
  • Easy adjustment in height thanks to screw jack system
  • Arena-Style Breakaway rim that is good for dunking


  • Expensive
  • Tricky setup

So, what kind of upgrade?

Let’s start with some similarities between the Spalding E68562 and its brother. The two both have angled round steel poles and a height adjustment range of 7.5 to 10 ft. The base is also large and heavy-capacity.

Differently, the backboard of E68562 is made of acrylic instead of the polycarbonate material. With this, the board will stay in shape even during aggressive games. Moreover, the rebound is better than that of the molded plastic board, and the size of the board is as large as 60 inches.

Furthermore, the height adjustment uses the screw jack system rather than the affordable telescoping so that you can effortlessly get the goal adjusted with 7.5 to 10 feet with a breeze.

Most excitingly, the patented Arena-Style Breakaway rim allows you to play dunks. Rather than the naked breakaway rim of the Lifetime, that of Spalding E68562 is covered by heavy-duty steel metal. Not only will you play dunks better, but the rim is well-protected from weather patterns.

If there is one thing to complain about, then again, it is the installation of the Spalding E68562. We hope that the manufacturer can make it more straightforward soon.

Bottom line

The quality build is a no-brainer of the Spalding hoops. What we want to emphasize here is Spalding E68562, the best portable basketball hoop for dunking.

Best Stability: Silverback 60″ In-Ground Hoop

For those extremely concerned about safety, this Silverback 60″ In-Ground Hoop is built for your good.


  • Excellently durable and stable
  • Heavy-duty tempered-glass backboard
  • Supportive pole under any condition
  • Quickly-adjustable height


  • Expensive
  • Slow installation

All parts of the hoop are designed with durability in mind. For example, the backboard is made from tempered glass that is still lightweight rather than top-heavy. The pole is a 4×4 two-piece pole coated with DuPont powder to stay in good condition even under the harshest weather. For your sake, there is a 5-year warranty to back up for its reliability.

Apart from that, the height is user-friendly adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet using an all-steel actuator. Naturally, it takes only minutes to set up the height and lock it there.

What we like the least is the installation, which takes quite time and skills.

Bottom line

Do not get us wrong, it does not mean that other hoops in the list are not safe, but this Silverback hoop gives extra stability.

Best for Driveway: Spalding NBA Hybrid 60″

In case that your backyard is a bit small, you might find yourself installing the portable basketball hoop in the driveway instead. Thankfully, you can do so with several options, for example, the Spalding NBA Hybrid 60 inches.


  • Portable and installable in the driveway
  • Stable and moveable hybrid base
  • Built-to-last acrylic backboard
  • Helpful exacta-lift system


  • Expensive
  • Possibly flimsy rim
  • Not understandable assembly guide

For a driveway installation, the hoop should be stable and free-mobile enough so that you can roll it to your garden or other places and set up for a match. The Spalding NBA Hybrid 60 inches meets this demand very well.

Accordingly, the base is large but not very heavy. You can remove its lid to drain all water and sand out before transporting it to other places. The wheel under the base will also help. Once you find an ideal driveway position, you can simply fill up the Spalding NBA with water or sand, or even both. Then, adjust the height with the exacta-lift system.

The 60-inch acrylic backboard and Arena-Slam breakaway rim with steel rams also contribute to the driveway’s overall stability. More excitingly, the rebounds are faster and more responsive, making the matches even more competitive and enjoyable.

However, be careful when hitting the ball in front of the rim, or it might be flimsy. Moreover, be patient when you install the hoops because the manual guide is useless, and you have to figure all steps yourself.

Bottom line

The installation takes time; however, if you use portable basketball hoops before, then you will not have much trouble. Instead, keep in mind that the Spalding NBA Hybrid is among the best portable basketball hoops for the driveway.

How to Use A Portable Basketball Hoop?

Typically, a portable hoop is not very different from the traditional in-ground basketball hoop, except that its goal can be moveable from places to places in the driveway, backyard, etc.

A Portable Basketball Hoop

Accordingly, those hoops often come with a plastic base with weighted sand or water inside. In-ground installation is not required, meaning it takes less time and effort to get it ready for your first match.

However, the portable hoops are often less durable – the lifespan is only 2 or 5 years on average. In addition, be careful because the portable hoop is usually falling over when you try dunking on it or overhanging on the pole.

How to Choose The Best Portable Basketball Hoop?

For your sake, please read this buying guide carefully so that you will not end up buying a scam and dangerous hoop.

Age of players


This is the very first factor to consider when buying a portable basketball hoop. This will affect the dimensions chosen.

For example, if you choose your children’s hoops, take their height and body development in mind. Also, make sure that the hoops come with a firm base and for better safety features to protect your kids from tragic injuries.

Or, in case that the hoops are for the whole family, you had better choose an adjustable-height hoop.

Height adjustment

Nowadays, adjustable basketball hoods are more popular thanks to its convenience – once for family use and the other is for the rapid growth of children. You will not want the hoops to become useless after one year or so.

According to the ASTM international standards, the hoop must not be lower than 6.5 feet while the regulation-height of NBA is within 7.5 and 10 feet. For kids or amateur players, the hoops might be a bit lower than the standards, though.

Anyway, keep the adjustable range of 6.5 to 10 feet in mind when you pick up a portable hoop that is ideal for your family for years to come.

You can choose either of the two mechanisms: the telescoping or the hydraulic, pneumatic, or jackscrew mechanism. The earlier is more common thanks to its affordable and straightforward adjustment in which you can change the height in 6 increments. The latter is often found in high-end hoops, which come with infinity settings to choose a height between the lowest and highest points as wished.


Although the portable hoops are often not as reliable as the in-ground hoops, the stability is still essential to guarantee safety and successful shooting. Then, you should ensure that the base is both portable and stable at the same time.


Portable basketball hoops are often plastic models weighed down with either water or sand. Moreover, the broad base should be as large as possible in that way; the weight is distributed more balanced. It might compress the lightweights a bit, yet no worry because you can drain water/sand through the hollows.

Besides, the added weight of the backboard and support pole will also improve the stability. Regarding the support pole, it would be better to choose a thick pole ranging from 2 to 5 inches round and supporting arms on the side. About the backboard, we will further discuss it later in the post.


Not only should the base be portable in yards and driveways, but other parts should also, too. Again, the four main parts, including the rim, backboard, support pole, and base, are worth mentioning. Those parts should be disassembled in case you need to transport or restore it.

Besides, some hoops allow being wheeled around and filled up in a stable playing court.

Backboard: sizes & Materials

Speaking of the size first!

You will not want a very big board because the whole hoop is then more likely to tip over under the effects of strong winds. Most boards are from 50 inches to 54 inches wide. The largest one we know is 60 inches or so, and the smallest is 32 inches.

Secondly, three common materials of the portable backboards are polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass.

  • Polycarbonate boards are cheap and durable. However, it has a low rebound effect, making it less ideal for hardcore players.
  • Acrylic boards are better than the polycarbonate models in terms of stability because of the heavier weight.
  • Tempered-glass boards are expensive but worthy of its unparalleled rebound performance.

Types of rim

The last of the four important elements is the rim that decides the portable hoops’ overall sturdiness and rebound rate.

There are three types available.

  • Standard rims are the most basic since its first introduction decades ago. You should not dunk during the match or the rims will bend beyond or even break with them.
  • Exposed rims are better for light dunking because of a spring-loaded mechanism. Besides, the rebound effect of those rims is supposed to be better.
  • Enclosed rims are the most advanced in the portable hoops because they mimic professional standards to handle heavy dunking and stay against warping, bending, or breaking.


Why should I buy a portable basketball hoop?

As its name suggests, the portable basketball hoop is convenient and easy to set up so that you can enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want.

Having a portable version also means you can take it with you for a picnic and outdoor activities.

Our portable basketball hoops safe?

Yes, they are – as long as you go for the best portable basketball hoop to buy as some, we mentioned above. Moreover, you must firmly and adequately install the hoops to positions such as the driveway and backyard.

Otherwise, you might put yourself and your kids in danger.

For example, portable scam hoops easily top over from a gust of wind or attempted dunks, especially when it comes to adjustable models. Imagine that your kids are trying to reach the rim for a small shot when the entire unit comes down. Then, bruises, cuts, and head trauma might occur.

Thus, branded hoops are always recommended for you to get a solid structure, adequate overhang, and a reliable base.

What should I look for from a portable basketball hoop?

Stability is the very first to expect whenever you look for a portable basketball hoop.

In addition,

  • Basketball hoops under $100 are often limited in sizes and adjustments.
  • Basketball hoops under $200 are often within 40 to 44 inches in backboards. Also, the backboard material is affordable polycarbonate.
  • Basketball hoops under $300, meanwhile, feature larger backboards, along with an adjustable height.
  • Those high-end hoops are often more than $500 or $1000.

What’s the best portable basketball hoop to buy?

It is Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard.

Although this hoop is expensive, it comes with all you need for a safe and well-performed basketball hoop, such as a large base, less-bouncy backboard, and an accurate adjustable system.

Which basketball hoop is best in a driveway?

The Spalding NBA Hybrid is, as we explained right above.

Give it a try, then you will agree with us that it is the best for driveways.

What brand of basketball hoop does the NBA use?

It is ç, we believe.

As you can see from the Spalding hoop reviews above, their Spalding has the NBA hoops’ standard dimensions and specifications.

How to install the basketball hoop?

It is based on where you want to install the basketball hoop and the type of base. Simply, you should follow the assembly instruction provided by the manufacturer. Even better, there are often video tutorials for your reference.

Take the following Spalding hoop, for example.

How do you store a portable basketball hoop for winter?

The harsh weather can damage even the best rated portable basketball hoop if you do not maintain it the right way, especially in winter. You hardly use the hoops during these cold months, right?

Fortunately, the portable construction makes it possible for you to disassemble the unit and winterize it. Here are some tips:

  • Drain the base or at least add antifreeze to the internal waterbody.
  • Place the hoop under a covered area such as your garage, carport, or a barm.
  • Remove the net and wrap it with a trash bag before you put the net aside.


Do not hesitate any longer; the best portable basketball hoops for home use are at your fingertips. Read the review carefully while also referring to our buying guide so that you can make the most suitable choice for your family’s members and your budget.

Also, take the Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard into consideration because it is the most hoop so far.

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