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Best Dribbling Drills For Kids – Basketball Drills For Beginners

Looking for some drills and games for your young basketball teams? Here is the right place for you. Kids are playful and don’t like practice the same drills again and again.

As a coach for school teams, I know the importance of teaching your kids new techniques and maintain their interest in this sport.

If you share the same concern with me, read this article till the end to find the complete detail of the top 4 basketball drills for beginners.

I also include the instructions, variations, and coaching points for your best convenience.

Warm Up Dribbling Drill

The warm-up dribbling drill is one of the best dribbling drills for kids that you can use to start a workout.

This exercise warms up your body for intensive training. Also, it helps kids remind of ball handling, footwork, finishing, and shooting lessons.


  • A line of five to six cones in front of the basket
  • Each player has a basketball and lines up in one line
  • If you have more than five players, divide them into two diagonal lines toward the basket


Instruct your players to dribble through the cones using different dribble combinations.

The goal is not to hit the cones but to land the dribble combination between two cones and keep the cones between your legs while going through them.

Check out a video by a skill trainer Don Kelbick

Feel free to ask your players to apply any technique in this warming up. You can also mix things up with finishing moves to shoot the ball after going through all the cones.

Coaching Points

  • Instruct the players to drop their hips and chest up
  • Create a rhythm for your players to follow
  • Try to push them with faster and faster paces

Dribble Knockout

As its name suggests, this drill is about ball-handling and ball-protecting. Among the most basic basketball drills for beginners, it is useful to hold a game on this technique and let your kids enjoy the fun of dribbling.


  • Determine the area of the game
  • Each player has a basketball


The goal of this drill is to knock the other player’s ball out of the area while keeping on dribbling your ball. Make sure to define the rule clearly for your kids.

When the coach says GO, players begin to dribbling inside the playing area and attempt to knock other’s ball out. When more players are out, you need to restrict the playing area. The game ends when you find the final winner.

Take this video as an example of a dribbling knockout game.

Coaching Points

  • You need to keep an eye on your kids to make sure that they do not foul or get out of the area.
  • Remember to organize the failed kids to not affect the game

Cone Dribbling Drill

As one of the funniest dribbling drills for kids, the cone dribbling drill is the ideal idea to hold competitive skill-building games for youth to high school kids.


  • Randomly scatter 12 to 20 cones all over the court
  • Line up your players outside the court


When the start signal calls, players start dribbling to each cone and touch them while dribbling the ball.

You can allow one or two kids to play at a time. A set of games will last for one minute.

Basketball Drills For Beginners

A player must touch five different cones before touching the same cone again.

This is to prevent a player from staying in a restricted area but moving around the court.

Coaching Points

  • Keep an eye on your players to make sure they touch the cones while dribbling the ball
  • Fail the foul players immediately when they violate the dribbling rules.

Retreat Dribble Drill

The retreat dribble drill is one of the basic basketball drills for kids. It is a new and useful technique that kids can use in real games. You can mix this drill with offensive techniques to hold an attacking wave.


  • Line your kids horizontally in front of the baseline
  • Place a cone three to five steps in front of each player


Imagining that you are having the ball and performing an attacking wave. Pretend the cone to be your opponents.

Dribbling to the cone, then switch the ball to your right. Step your right foot back and turn your body to a square corner to your opponent.

Check out this video as an example of this drill

Coaching Points

  • Guide the kids to stay low and be explosive
  • Keep the armbar out when retreating dribbles
  • Change direction unpredictably while keeping the eyes up

Bottom Lines

Those are the best dribbling drills for kids to practice and master. I hope that they can be an excellent material for you to develop a fun and effective workout for your teams.

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